38 graduate students and post-docs and counting.

   Fall 2018: AM8002 - Discrete Mathematics and its Applications

   Fall 2018: MTH 707 - Modelling and Searching Networks

   Winter 2019: MTH 210 - Discrete Mathematics II

Post-doctoral fellows

Profile Year Present Position
Sean English 2018-2019 Post-doctoral fellow, Ryerson
Bill Kay 2018-2019 Post-doctoral fellow, Ryerson
Huda Chuang 2017-2018 Post-doctoral fellow, Ryerson
Ewa Infeld 2016-2017 Private sector
Ben Reiniger 2015-2016 Assistant Professor, Illinois Institute of Technology
Xavier Perez-Gimenez 2014-2015 Assistant Professor, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Tommaso Traetta 2014-2015 Post-doctoral fellow, Ryerson
Deepak Bal 2013-2014 Assistant Professor, Montclair University
Marek Lipczak 2013-2014 Research associate, Dalhousie University
William Kinnersley 2012-2014 Assistant Professor, University of Rhode Island
Robert Bailey 2012-2013 Assistant Professor, Memorial University
Andrea Burgess 2012 Assistant Professor, University of New Brunswick, Saint John
Dieter Mitsche 2011-2012 Assistant Professor, Universite de Nice
Pawel Pralat 2011, 2006 Associate Professor, Ryerson
Graeme Kemkes 2010-2011 Government
Margaret-Ellen Messinger 2009-2010 Associate Professor, Mount Allison University
Changping Wang 2006-2009 Assistant Professor, Ryerson

Phd Students

Profile Year Present Position
Rehan Malik 2018-2022 Doctoral candidate, Ryerson University
Erin Meger 2017-2021 Doctoral candidate, Ryerson University
Daniel Moghbel 2017-2021 Doctoral candidate, Ryerson University
Elham Roshanbin 2012-2016 Post-doctoral fellow, UBC
Changping Wang 2002-2006 Assistant Professor, Ryerson

Masters Students

Profile Year Present Position
Sophie Cai 2017-2019 Masters candidate, Ryerson University
Lyndsay Roach 2016-2018 Masters candidate, Ryerson University
Narges Alipourjeddi 2016-2018 Masters candidate, Ryerson University
Rehan Malik 2016-2018 Masters candidate, Ryerson University
Alan Zhengnan Shi 2016-2018 Masters candidate, Dalhousie University
David Ryan D'Angelo 2015-2017 Masters candidate, Ryerson
Hari Pokhrel 2015-2017 Private sector
Erin Meger 2014-2016 Doctoral candidate, Ryerson University
Marc Lozier 2013-2015 Private sector
Fionn McInerney 2013-2015 Doctoral candidate, Universite de Nice
Pardis Noorzad 2012-2014 Data Scientist at Twitter
Fatemeh Bavaghar-Zaeimi 2011-2013 Private sector
Vivija Ping You 2011-2013 Doctoral Candidate in Economics, Ryerson
Ali Haidar 2010-2012 Private sector
William Baird 2009-2011 Rogers
Amanda Tian 2009-2011 Doctoral candidate, York University
Alexandru Costea 2009 Private sector
Noor Hadi 2008 Senior Quality Assurance Analyst at NexJ Systems
Laleh Samarbakhsh 2007 Assistant Professor, Ryerson University

Undergraduate Students

Profile Year Program Present position
Reaz Huq 2017 NSERC USRA Undergraduate student, Ryerson University
Sophia Park 2016 Faculty of Science URO awardee Masters candidate, University of Waterloo
Bhargav Parsi 2016 MITACS Globalink Intern Indian Institute Of Technology, Dhanbad
Rita del Rio Chanona 2015 MITACS Globalink Intern Universidad Nacional Autonoma De Mexico
Calum MacRury 2015-16 Summer Research Assistant University of Toronto
Jake Nicolaidis 2015 Summer Research Assistant Ryerson University
Kirill Ternovsky 2015 Summer Research Assistant Ryerson University
Xindi Wang 2014 MITACS Globalink Intern PhD Candidate, Northeastern University