Postdoctoral fellow

  • Dr. Alireza Sayyidmousavi, 2016--current.
  • Dr. Robert Strehl, 2014--2016.

  • Graduate students

  • Monjur Morshed, PhD student, University of Waterloo, 2015--Nov 2017.
  • Serguei Rousskikh, MSc student, 2015--2017.
  • Mahmuda Ruma, MSc student, 2015--July 2017,
  • (started her PhD studies at York University).
  • Jill Padgett, MSc student, 2013--2015 (Ryerson Gold Award Medal) (here at CMS'14) (and at AMMCS-CAIMS'15), (now Banking Associate at TD Bank).
  • Farid Gassoumov, MSc student, 2013--2015,
    (now PhD candidate at York University)
  • Monjur Morshed, MSc student, 2011--July 2013.
  • (now PhD graduate from University of Waterloo)
  • Selina Boatemaa, MSc student, 2011--July 2013,
  • (started her PhD studies at University of Guelph).
  • Raju Prasai, MSc student, 2011--July 2013.
  • (now grad candidate at Western University)
  • Fatemeh Bavaghar-Zaeimi, MSc student (co-supervised), 2011--July 2013.
  • (private sector)
  • Chandra Limbu, MSc student (co-supervised), 2010--July 2012.
    (now PhD candidate at York University)
  • Samaneh Gholami, MSc student, 2010--July 2012. (now PhD candidate at York University)
  • Alexandra Teslya, MSc student, 2009--August 2011,
  • MITACS internship. (now PhD candidate at McMaster University)
  • Farideh Fazayeli, MSc student (co-supervised), Western University, 2009--February 2011, (now PhD candidate at University of Minnesota)
  • Shima Khoshraftar, MSc student (co-supervised), Western University, 2009--Dec. 2010. (now PhD candidate Simon Fraser University).
  • Anahita Mansouri, MSc student (co-supervised), Western University, 2009--December 2010. (now PhD candidate Simon Fraser University).

  • Undergraduate students

  • Jian Lin, Research Assistant, Chemistry and Biology, 2014--2015.
  • (now at Sanofi Pasteur).
  • Dexter Barrows, Undergraduate Honours Thesis Student, 2013--2014.
  • (starting MSc studies at McMaster University)
  • Farid Gassoumov, Undergraduate Honours Thesis Student, 2012--2013. (now MSc candidate at Ryerson University)
  • Farid Gassoumov, NSERC USRA, Summer 2012.
  • Milan Patel, Research Assistant and co-op student, May 2011--Aug. 2011.
  • Ekaterina Kudashkina, Research Assistant, Ryerson University, May 2010--July 2010(University of Toronto - Rotman School of Management, Fall 2012).
  • Ronak Savani, Research Assistant, 2010--2011 (now MEng candidate at Ryerson University).
  • Thai Tran, Undergraduate Honours Thesis Student, 2010--2011.
  • (now at Royal Bank of Canada)
  • Ekaterina Kudashkina, Research Assistant, 2009--2010
  • Jonathan Cable, Research Assistant, May 2009--Oct. 2009
    (now a Software Development Engineer at Yahoo!).
  • Milan Patel, Research Assistant, 2009--2010.
  • Romulo Velasquez, Research Assistant, 2008--2009 (currently holding a software developer position).
  • Alex Yakobovich, Research Assistant, 2008--2009 (now Premier field engineer, Microsoft).