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Dr. Katrin Rohlf B.Math, M.Math, PhD., Waterloo
Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, Ryerson University


My research interests lie in the general area of biomathematics. In particular, I am currently developing particle-based numerical methods that are capable of incorporating complex particle interactions (such as red blood cell interaction) so as to properly simulate blood flow in biologically meaningful geometries.

The numerical method is also being used for simulations of flow in chemical reactors, as well as for traditional fluid flow applications including Drag and Lift Coefficient calculations for shear flow past objects.

In general, additional research areas are: Biomathematics, non-Newtonian fluid flow, reaction-diffusion equations, modeling and simulations; applications to blood flow, cardiac arrhythmias, chemically reacting media, brain biomechanics and industrial fluid flows.
List of Selected Publications


  • S. Rabba and K. Rohlf. 2017. Pressure curves for compressible flows with slip through asymmetric local constrictions. To appear in International Journal of Applied Nonlinear Science.

  • R. Strehl and K. Rohlf. 2016. Multiparticle collision dynamics for diffusion-influenced signaling pathways. Physical Biology, 13: 046004-1--16.

  • L. Regmi and K. Rohlf. 2016. Weakly compressible flow through a cylinder with pressure-dependent viscosity and Navier-slip at the wall. European Journal of Mechanics B/Fluids, 60: 13-23.

  • T. Akhter and K. Rohlf. 2014. Quantifying compressibility and slip in multiparticle collision (MPC) flow through a local constriction. Entropy, 16: 418-442.

  • S. Bedkihal, J.C. Kumaradas, and K. Rohlf. 2013. Steady flow through a constricted cylinder by multiparticle collision dynamics. Biomechanics and Modeling in Mechanobiology, 12: 929-939.

  • T. Akhter, and K. Rohlf. 2013. Weakly compressible flow with slip through a local constriction. Proceedings of the 24th Canadian Congress of Applied Mechanics (CANCAM):

  • P. Paudel, and K. Rohlf. 2011. Flow with slip through an aneurysm using particle-based methods. Proceedings of the 23rd Canadian Congress of Applied Mechanics (CANCAM): 1015-1019.

  • Bedkihal, S., Rohlf K., and J.C. Kumaradas. 2010. Steady flows through axisymmetric stenosis by multi-particle collision dynamics. CAP Congress 2010 Proceedings: 28.

  • Plaza, M., Ngwenyama, O.K., and K. Rohlf. 2010. A comparative analysis of learning curves: Implications for new technology implementation management, European Journal of Operational Research, 200: 518-528.

  • K. Rohlf. 2009. Particle-based approach to numerical simulation of stenotic flows. CANCAM 2009 Conference Proceedings: 239-240.

  • Rohlf, K. 2009. Stochastic phase-space description for reactions that change particle numbers. Journal of Mathematical Chemistry, 45: 141-160.

  • Rohlf, K., Fraser, S., and R. Kapral. 2008. Reactive Multiparticle Collision Dynamics. Computer Physics Communications 179: 132-139.

  • Plaza, M., and K. Rohlf. 2008. Learning and Performance in ERP Implementation Projects: A Learning Curve Model for Analyzing and Managing Consulting Costs. International Journal of Production Economics, 115: 72-85.

  • Habekost, M. and K. Rohlf. 2008. The evaluation of colour difference equations and optimization of DE2000. Journal of Graphic Technology 4: 149-164.

  • Jasudavisius, A. and K. Rohlf. 2007. Numerical study of flow past a rotating circular cylinder. CANCAM (21st Canadian Congress of Applied Mechanics) 2007 Conference Proceedings: 290-291.

  • Rohlf, K., Glass, L., and R. Kapral. 2006. Spiral Wave Dynamics in Excitable Media with Spherical Geometries. Chaos 16: 037115.

  • Drapaca, C.S., Tenti, G., Rohlf, K., and S. Sivaloganathan. 2006. A Quasilinear Viscoelastic Constitutive Equation for the Brain: Application to Hydrocephalus. Journal of Elasticity 85(1): 65-83.

  • Rohlf, K. and S.J.D. D'Alessio. 2005. Uniform Shear Flow Past a Circular Cylinder. Acta Mechanica 178:199-222.

  • Rohlf, K. and G. Tenti. 2001. The role of the Womersley number in pulsatile blood flow: A theoretical study of the Casson model. J. Biomechan. 34:141-148.

  • Liu, X. and K. Rohlf. 1998. Impulsive control of a Lotka-Volterra system. IMA J. Math. Control & Information 15:269-284.

Membership of the School of Graduate Studies

Member of the School of Graduate Studies at Ryerson University since November 2005.

Adjunct Member of the Computer Science Department, the Physics Department and the Chemical Engineering Department at Ryerson University.

Current and Past Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr. Alireza Sayyidmousavi (Postdoctoral Fellow in Applied Mathematics, co-supervised with Dr. S. Ilie, September 2016-August 2017)
Salina Akter (MSc candidate in Applied Mathematics, 2016-)
Dr. Robert Strehl (Postdoctoral Fellow in Applied Mathematics, co-supervised with Dr. S. Ilie, July 2014-July 2016)
Matthew DeClerico (MSc candidate in Applied Mathematics, 2013-2015)
Bhai Kumar Adhikari (MSc in Applied Mathematics, 2012-2014; co-supervised with Dr. J.P. Pascal)
Pradeep Kunwar (MSc in Applied Mathematics, 2012-2014; currently MSc student, University of Toronto))
Salahaldeen Rabba (MSc in Applied Mathematics, 2012-2014; currently Ph.D. candidate, Ryerson University)
Laxmi Regmi (MSc in Applied Mathematics, 2011-2013)
Tahmina Akhter (MSc in Applied Mathematics, 2010-2012; currently PhD candidate at University of Waterloo)
Salil Bedkihal (MSc in Biomedical Physics, 2008-2010; co-supervised by Dr. J.C. Kumaradas; currently Postdoctoral Fellow, Australia)

Dean's Research Fund (2015)
NSERC Discovery Grant (2008-2015)
NSERC Research Tools and Instruments Grant (co-applicant, 2007)
University Starter Grant (2005)

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