A Course on the Web Graph

A new book

by Anthony Bonato


Published by the



as part of the Graduate Studies in Mathematics Series,




as the first title in their AARMS Monograph Series.


Audience: Graduate students, advanced undergraduates, pure and applied mathematicians, physicists, biologists, social scientists, and engineers interested in the mathematics of complex networks and in graph theory.

Excerpts from reviews:

"The book gives an excellent introduction to various aspects of the Web graph and the mathematical techniques that can be applied to their exploration. I have recommended the book to my graduate students as an introduction to research on graph models, and found that the students appreciate its expository style. The book contains extensive problem sets, making it a good teaching tool. The book is largely self-contained, and lends itself well for a topics course in discrete mathematics. To my knowledge, this book is the best introduction for mathematics students to the exciting research that started with the study of the Web graph." -Jeannette Janssen, for Canadian Mathematical Society Notes.

"Overall the text is well-structured and pleasant to read for mathematically oriented readers and very fit to be taken as a text book also for a less mathematical audience. I personally eagerly await for the opportunity to give a course based on Bonato's book at the postgraduate level." -Elisa Schaeffer, for SIGACT NEWS Book Column.

"Bonato's book provides an introduction to the ongoing mathematically rigorous research on the properties of models for the web graph. It is well-suited for teaching a class on the matter to graduate students or advanced undergraduates." -Abraham Flaxman, for MathSciNet .

"This book will be a valuable source for mathematicians trying to get some idea of the developments relating to web graphs and similar networks." -David B. Penman, for Zentralblatt MATH

"The text is largely self-contained and would be suitable for self-study. This is a solid effort, well organized and clearly written." -Bill Satzer, for MAA Reviews

"The book is a readable and up-to-date exposition of the mathematical theory of web graphs and related real-world self-organizing networks." Newsletter of the European Mathematical Society

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Graduate Studies in Mathematics 2008; 200 pp; hardcover
Volume: 89
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