Robert Strehl

Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Mathematics


  • Computational Biology
  • Development and analysis of stochastic simulation methods for biochemical systems
  • Finite Element methods for chemotaxis related PDEs (Keller-Segel model)

My current research focuses on the numerical solution of stochastic discrete models of heterogeneous biochemical reaction networks. These networks have important practical applications, such as understanding key processes of intracellular signaling pathways of chemotaxis and studying genetic regulatory networks.
Recently, computational and experimental tools experience a rapid development. Therefore a precise numerical analysis of modeling approaches on a micro- or mesoscopic scale is now possible. This has a huge potential of leading to new insights into cellular processes on an unprecedented level of detail.

I am encouraged to engage in interdisciplinary research for promising applications of such modeling approaches in the field of Developmental Biology, Chemical Biology and Medicine.


Preprints and Articles

Strehl, R.; Rohlf, K. Multiparticle Collision (MPC) Dynamics for Diffusion-influenced Signaling Pathways, to be submitted [blank]
Strehl, R.; Ilie, S. Hybrid Stochastic Simulation of Reaction-Diffusion Systems with Slow and Fast Dynamics, The Journal of Chemical Physics 143, 2015 [doi: 10.1063/1.4937491]
Sokolov, A.; Strehl, R.; Ali, R.; Turek, S. Numerical framework for pattern-forming models on evolving-in-time surfaces, Ergebnisberichte des Instituts für Angewandte Mathematik Nummer 503, Fakultät für Mathematik, TU Dortmund, 503, 2014 [blank]
Sokolov, A.; Strehl, R.; Turek, S. Numerical simulation of chemotaxis models on stationary surfaces, Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems - Series B, 18, 10, 2689-2704, 2013 [Preprint]
Strehl, R.; Sokolov, A.; Kuzmin, D.; Horstmann, D.; Turek, S. A positivity-preserving finite element method for chemotaxis problems in 3D, J. Comp. Appl. Math., 239, 290-303, 2012 [Preprint]
Strehl, R.; Sokolov, A.; Turek, S. Efficient, accurate and flexible Finite Element solvers for Chemotaxis problems, Computers and Mathematics with Applications, 34, 3, 175-189, 2011 [Preprint]
Strehl, R.; Sokolov, A.; Kuzmin, D.; Turek, S. A flux-corrected finite element method for chemotaxis problems, Computational Methods in Applied Mathematics, Vol. 10 (2010) , 2, 219-232 , 2009 [Preprint]


Dissertation, Mathematics Advanced Biology Numerical Treatment of Chemotaxis-driven PDEs in Mathematical Biology Prof. Dr. Stefan Turek, Prof. Dr. Heribert Blum [PDF, engl]
B.Sc., Computer Science Automaten für Datenwörter (Automata on Data Words) Prof. Dr. Thomas Schwentick [talk, engl]
Diploma, Mathematics Finite Elemente Methoden mit Anwendung auf Probleme der Chemotaxis (Finite Element Methods for Chemotaxis-related Partial Differential Equations) Prof. Dr. Stefan Turek [PDF, ger]

Conferences, Workshops and Talks

2016 Coupling of Bulk and Surface PDEs - The Next Level of In-Silico Cell Modelling?, Invited Talk in the Centre for Mathematical Medicine Seminar Series at the Fields Institute, Toronto (ON, Canada)
2015 Surface PDEs with Willmore Flow, Research visit at TU Dortmund University, Dortmund (Germany)
2015 MFO Workshop Geometric Partial Differential Equations: Surface and Bulk Processes, Oberwolfach (Germany)
2015 Stochastic Micro- and Mesoscale Simulations of Biochemical Reaction-Diffusion Systems, Invited Talk in the Mathematical Biology and Medicine Seminar Series at the University of Waterloo (ON, Canada)
2015 Numerics for biophysical and biochemical processes on different scales, Invited Talk in the Mathematical Biology Seminar Series at the University of Alberta (AB, Canada)
2015 Showcase of Applications of a Versatile Stabilized Finite Element Framework for Chemotaxis, BIRS Workshop Partial Differential Equations in Cancer Modelling, Banff International Research Station (AB, Canada)
2014 Efficient stochastic simulation of multiscale reaction-diffusion models, CMS Winter Meeting, Hamilton (ON, Canada)
2013 Numerical approaches in developmental biology - advancing hybrid multiscale frameworks, Max Planck Institute, Center for Systems Biology Dresden, Dresden (Germany)
2013 Numerical Challenges of Chemotaxis-driven PDEs, MPDE’13 Models in Population Dynamics and Ecology, Osnabrück (Germany)
2013 Accurate and robust finite element solvers for chemotaxis-dominated partial differential equations, 3rd Meeting of Young Researchers Modelling Biological Processes 2013 (Summerschool program of Biomat 2013 Evolution and cooperation in social sciences and biomedicine), Granada (Spain)
2012 On efficient and stabilised Finite Element solvers for Chemotaxis, Research visit at the Centre for Mathematical Biology, Oxford (UK)
2011 Efficient, accurate and flexible Finite Element solvers for Chemotaxis, BIOMATH Conference, Sofia (Bulgaria)
2011 Efficient, accurate and flexible Finite Element solvers for Chemotaxis, Research visit at the Zuse Institute Berlin (Germany)
2010 Finite Elemente Methoden mit Anwendung auf Probleme der Chemotaxis, Students' conference of the German Society of Mathematics (DMV), München (Germany)
2009 Workshop for Mathematical Biology, Bonn (Germany)

Grants and Awards

2015 Simons Visiting Professor, Visiting Professorship awarded by the Mathematical Research Institute Oberwolfach with support of the Simons Foundation
2013 Conference Grant, Biomat 2013, Mathematics of Planet Earth Initiative, Universidad de Granada
2013 Doctorate with honors, Faculty of Mathematics, TU Dortmund
2012 Young Researcher Award, Recipient of a travel grant of the Freunde der Fakultät für Mathematik der TU Dortmund
2011 Research Award, Recipient of a student’s research award of the German Association of Mathematicians (DMV)
2010 PhD Fellowship, TU Dortmund Fellow (Program: Bestenförderung)
2009 Graduation with honors, Faculty of Mathematics, TU Dortmund